Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market Emphasis on Component (Software, Services), Application (Risk & Fraud Analytics, Internet of Things, Customer Analytics, Residential, Security Intelligence, Others), Industrial Vertical (BFSI, IT & Telecommunication, Government & Defense, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Others) and Region/Country Forecast 2020-2026

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Published Date : 11 December 2019
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Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market

Data has become an integral part of daily lives. Organizations be it big or small have opened themselves to the significance of extensive data and the amount of impact it brings to the organizations. The integration of digital data and its implementation through analytics has been fetching significant traction among various brands and businesses around the world. As technology continues to become more complex and integrates with other technology, analytics will continue to evolve and would require special expertise for niche job roles and responsibilities. With huge amounts of data floating around, Big data analytics has become the frontiers of IT and has become crucial in improving business, decision making and providing biggest edge over the competitors. One such tool comprises of Hadoop Big Data Analytics. Hadoop is primarily an open-source software stack that runs on cluster of machines. It provides distributed storage as well as distributed processing services for very large data sets. It is an Apache project that was released under Apache Open Source License 2.0 which is commercially friendly. Hadoop was originally developed as an open source by Yahoo. Currently, Hadoop is developed as an Apache Software Foundation project and has numerous contributors from Cloudera, Horton Works, Facebook, etc. Hadoop had its start in a Web company. It was initially adopted by social media companies owing to big data problems being faced by the companies and Hadoop offered a solution. Now, Hadoop has made inroads into enterprises. 

To elaborate, the respective technical offering has made the processing of Big data useful. It is a cast assortment of open source libraries that makes the analysis of huge data sets easy. To add on, data sets can be inclusive of a high volume of information that can be gathered from different mediums. Hence, the adoption of Hadoop has reduced significant dependency on hardware and has also supported the data scientists to assess the data by generating useful insights that can help the businesses inclusive of identifying the prime reason for failures with just software.

Being best at its framework, comprehensive and cost-efficient, Hadoop has become a prominent name in the world of Big Data. Hence, it is expected that fondness for Hadoop would increase with time and would turn out to be fruitful to build a career in Big data industry. Hadoop showcases excellent job opportunities and portrays extreme demand on account of being cutting edge Big Data trend. It displays higher packages by the companies in the field of big data and demand is also expected to amplify. Chances to enter wide range of industry domains with Hadoop being used in various industry verticals are also anticipated to increase in near future. For instance, it is estimated that in 2019-2020, the forecast of population with analytical skills would reach more than 3 million indicating that the scope of data scientist and Hadoop professional’s scientist is going to expand in the years to come giving better opportunities to candidates aspiring to be a data scientist. Moreover, increasing investments and companies spending heavily on R&D activities for the development of integrated solutions that purposes to provide superior advantages and growing size of unstructured data has tremendously necessitated the adoption of advanced data analytics solutions and Hadoop being the one. However, distributed computing and privacy and security concerns in Hadoop platform act as major hindering factors for the growth of the Hadoop big data analytics market.

Insights Presented in the Report

  • Based on the component, the global Hadoop big analytics market is bifurcated into software and services. Software segment account for the largest share in the market accredited to Hadoop big data analytics software being massively used by business to manage, scale and distribute enterprise and customer data. It also facilitates the collection of metrics from data clusters of individual machines and generating reports
  • Based on application, Risk & Fraud Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Customer Analytics, Security Intelligence are the major applications in the global Hadoop big data analytics market. The risk & fraud analytics segment accounted for the majority share in 2018. This is primarily attributed to the increased focus towards risk and fraud assessment in modern businesses wherein the segment facilitates end-to-end assessment for identifying current and potential issues
  • Based on end-users, in 2018, the BFSI segment accounted for the largest market share and is likely to continue its dominance during the forecast period. Banking, financial services and insurance involve a tremendous amount of data generation. Being a highly regulated sector, it requires dynamic solutions. Hence, the legacy platforms used by organizations in the sector are being supplemented by advanced software frameworks such as Hadoop big data analytics
  • Based on region, detailed analysis is conducted for major regions including North American, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Rest of the World. In 2018, North America constituted to be the largest revenue-generating geography in Global Hadoop big data analytics market. Countries such as the U.S. and Canada being technologically developed as well as advanced, have significantly allowed the fast adoption of cutting-edge technologies in the region. Moreover, the presence of an impressive cloud infrastructure paired with majority of Hadoop distribution organizations and technology vendors being located in North America continues to support the further growth of the respective market. North America represented by a massive BFSI sector has also made the region the most lucrative business destination for market players
  • The prominent players in the Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market include Cisco Systems Inc, Microsoft Corporation, IBM Corporation, Amazon Web Services, Hitachi Ltd, Cloud Era Inc, MapR Technologies Inc, Teradata Corporation, MarkLogic, Tableau Software

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  • Detailed examination of drivers, restraints, key trends and opportunities prevailing in the industry.
  • Examination of industry attractiveness with the help of Porter’s Five Forces analysis
  • The study comprehensively covers the market across different segments
  • Deep dive regional level analysis of the industry

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CHAPTER 1          MARKET INTRODUCTION                                            

                                1.1          Market Definition                           

                                1.2          Objective of the Study                 

                                1.3          Limitation                           

                                1.4          Stakeholders                    

                                1.5          Currency used in the Report

                                1.6          Scope of the Report                      

CHAPTER 2          RESEARCH METHODOLOGY OR ASSUMPTION                                   

                                2.1          Research Methodology for Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market Study

                                                2.1.1      Main objective of the Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market Study



CHAPTER 5          INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE                                              

CHAPTER 6          EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                 

CHAPTER 7          MARKET OVERVIEW                                      

                                7.1          Introduction                                                     

                                7.2          Market Drivers

                                                7.2.1      Growing Demand of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) in the Era of Industry

                                                7.2.2      Large Volumes of Unstructured Data

                                                7.2.3      Cost-effective and Fast Data Processing

                                7.3          Market Restraints

                                                7.3.1      Growing Volume of Unstructured and Decentralized Data Base System in the Industry

                                                7.3.2      Complex & Expensive Features

                                                7.3.3      Increasing Regulatory Issues related to Big Data use in Hadoop System

                                7.4          Market Opportunities

                                                7.4.1      Driving the Business toward a Data-Driven Model by the Application of Analytics

                                                7.4.2      Data Fusion       

                                7.5          Factor Analysis (Demand & Supply)

                                                7.5.1      Demand Side Analysis

                                                7.5.2      Supply Side Analysis      

                                                         Top Partnerships

                                                         Top Mergers& Acquisitions

                                                         Top Funding

                                                         Top Business Expansions

                                                         Top Product Launches

                                                         Top Start ups

                                7.6          Value Chain Analysis    


                                8.1          General Introduction

                                                8.1.1      Software

                                                8.1.2      Services              

CHAPTER 9          MARKET INSIGHTS, BY APPLICATION (US$)                                        

                                9.1          General Introduction                    

                                                9.1.1      Risk & Fraud Analytics

                                                9.1.2      Internet of Things

                                                9.1.3      Customer Analytics

                                                9.1.4      Residential

                                                9.1.5      Security Intelligence

                                                9.1.6      Others

CHAPTER 10       MARKET INSIGHTS, BY END-USER (US$)                                               

                                10.1        General Introduction                    

                                                10.1.1    BFSI

                                                10.1.2    IT & Telecommunication

                                                10.1.3    Government & Defense

                                                10.1.4    Manufacturing

                                                10.1.5    Healthcare

                                                10.1.6    Others

CHAPTER 11       MARKET INSIGHTS, BY REGION                                

                                11.1        North America Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market

                                                11.1.1    United States

                                                11.1.2    Canada

                                                11.3.3    Rest of North America

                                11.2        Europe Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market

                                                11.2.1    Germany

                                                11.2.2    United Kingdom

                                                11.2.3    France

                                                11.2.4    Italy

                                                11.2.5    Rest of Europe

                                11.3        Asia-Pacific Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market

                                                11.3.1    China

                                                11.3.2    Japan

                                                11.3.3    India

                                                11.3.4    Rest of APAC

                                11.4        Rest of the World Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market

CHAPTER 12       COMPETITIVE SCENARIO                                             

                                12.1        Porter’s Five forces analysis                      

                                                12.1.1    Bargaining power of Buyer         

                                                12.1.2    Bargaining power of Supplier     

                                                12.1.3    Threat of new entrants

                                                12.1.4    Availability of Substitute              

                                                12.1.5    Industry Rivalry

                                12.2        Market Share Analysis, by Company, 2019                          

                                                12.2.1    Global Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market Share of Major Players, 2019

CHAPTER 13       TOP 10 COMPANY PROFILES                                      

                                13.1        Cisco Systems Inc           

                                                13.1.1    Key Facts            

                                                13.1.2    Business Description     

                                                13.1.3    Key Product/Application Offerings          

                                                13.1.4    SWOT Analysis 

                                                13.1.5    Key Financials   

                                                       Revenue Split by Region

                                                       Revenue Split by Products

                                                13.1.6    Recent developments

                                                       Product Launches

                                                       Strategic Alliance

                                                       Business Expansion

                                                       Merger & Acquisition   

                                13.2        Microsoft Corporation

                                13.3        IBM Corporation             

                                13.4        Amazon Web Services

                                13.5        Hitachi Ltd

                                13.6        Cloud Era Inc

                                13.7        MapR Technologies Inc

                                13.8        Teradata Corporation

                                13.9        MarkLogic

                                13.10      Tableau Software

Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market: Current Scenario and Forecast (2020-2026)

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